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In conclusion, our study shows high levels of phenotypic and genotypic tetracycline resistance in enterococcus isolates from broilers carrying the erm b gene, encouraging us to speculate that the frequent use of tetracyclines in poultry may co-select for resistance to mls antibiotics, which may be important as alternative therapy for enterococcal infections in man.

The addition of a tetracycline to digoxin therapy has been reported to increase the serum digoxin concentration by 100 .

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People should drink a lot of water during treatment with tetracycline.

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Tetracyclines are broad-spectrum agents with excellent bioavailability and activity against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria; resistance and issues of toxicity restrict their regular clinical use.

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Patients with mild cervicofacial infections may be adequately treated with a 2-month course of oral penicillin or one of the tetracyclines e.

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tetracyclines should not be given to children below 8 years since it can cause permanent yellowing of the teeth and sensitivity to small.




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